OPEN BETA DATE 20-8-2019
19 August

Hi, I'm new and won't let me download the patch. Is there any other place to download the patc

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11 August

i coming your clan bro

Rules Boting
08 August


+ Swearing a hero player on hero voice, 2.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Swearing a non-hero player on hero voice, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Using inappropriate language on hero voice in general, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the "server" on hero voice, 4.000 minutes chat ba


Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the server, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Expressions like "Leaving Server,free items" or similar ones, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Trading items on L2Nora for an other server kind of chats, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Selling in game items for real currency, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Impersonating of being GM in chat or pm. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.
+ Asking/Begging GM for items or services. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.

06 August

EXP x50

SP x25

Adena x15

Seal Stone x5

Drop chance x15

Spoil chance x15

Epaulettes х5

Manor x1

Fame x1

RB Exp/Sp x7

RB drop x4

Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x3

Drop quest item x3

Atribute stones 40% chance

Atribute crystals 35% chance

Max enchant +16

Fame x1

Safe enchant +4

Songs and dances 12 dedicated slots

Mana potions 1000 MP wit 10s delay

Vote system every 12h - you get a vote reward that increases your stats(works also in Olympiad). Just type .getreward

Stream - type .stream in game, attach your Twitch account there and you get a buff for 24h that works like a Premium Account

Auto Potions - type .potions in game and set auto CP/HP/MP potions

7 Raidboss command .7rb

Free class transfer

GM shop up to S grade

ALT+B buffer

Auto events every 2h

Accounts are autocreate!




Server time - gmt+1.

Autoloot - enabled.

Offline trades - activate by using the command offline.

Skills autolearned - enabled. 

Box limit - 3.

Cursed weapons - from server opening.

Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting at lvl 84.

Anti Bot Protection and Anti Bot in game and unique CAPCHA.




First heroes

Minimum number of people to start Olympiad - 8.

Server features all High Five Olympiad arenas in which you can fight.

Battles take place from 17:00 to 00:00 gmt+1.

Best unique Geodata in Olympiad(no running into walls, no teleport, no more getting stuck).

All hero weapons working.

Heroes every Saturday 12:00 gmt+1.

Number of matches per week - 70.

Starting Olympiad points - 50.

If you get disconnected in Olympiad, you will lose points and GM won't give you back the points.





Status and server load

- High-Five x50
online 0

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